6-Way 1GB DDR500 Round-up



Have you ever taken the time to read a review on a product and later purchased it only to find out that the reviewers got hand picked “special” samples? Yeah, we know it happens, and quite often we (insiders) purchase something on our own that is very different from the samples that were sent to us. After being fed up we set off to purchase every brand of DDR500 memory that was available in America one month ago from some online retailers and put them through basic testing and stability testing to show you which is the best brand of memory for end users. Rest asured with the results from this review as they should be very similar to the memory modules you pick up at your favorite reseller, just as we did.

The Stores:

Where did our memory modules come from? We went out and bought them on our own!! No hand picked samples for this review! We bought the same exact modules you buy when you order your memory! Our site name, Legit Reviews, is a bold statement and we plan to keep our readers positive that our reviews are legit. Don’t believe us? Check out our packing invoices:

Yup, that is $2,255 hard earned American dollars that we spent to bring you this review! How many reviews like this have you seen? Exactly! Read on and find out how all the modules tested out!

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