6-Way 1GB DDR500 Round-up



For starters we wanted to test the modules at their rated memory timings on our test system.

We were amazed to see that half (3 out of 6) of the memory modules had errors that were picked up using the RSTPro and MemTest86 testing methods! Note that OCZ and Corsair have loose timings and both come out on top during bandwidth testing over the tighter timed modules!

Once we completed the testing at their advertised speeds we wanted to see the results at equal timings. For this we set all the modules at 2.5-7-4-4 for testing them at the same timings.

Kingston HyperX fails to post at CL2.5 even with the vDimm raised to 3.2V. This was due to the Samsung IC’s used on the module. At equal timings you can see the three modules without errors were also the modules that had no errors at default testing.

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