256mb Kingston PC-3500

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We have spent the past three weeks testing and finding out what this memory is all about. Today, I am glad to release our results that came directly from hours of gaming, multimedia applications, and 24 hour use seven days a week at speeds in excess of DDR 400.

Today’s review is looking at Kingston’s HyperX line of high-performance DDR memory modules that is geared towards the avid gamer and PC enthusiast. This line of memory has been around for awhile as it was launched back on November 14, 2002. It seems that it is getting more common for people being able to reach DDR400 and beyond, so this memory is becoming more popular by the day. The HyperX line of memory comes in 256MB and 512MB modules supporting data rates of up to 370MHz (PC3000) and 434MHz (PC3500).

I’ve seen a ton of memory reviews on the internet that have the final result as: “Our test system can’t find the limit of this product”. Not today on Legit Reviews! We found the max on this memory and it may just suprise you as to what our max was!

To find out more about Kingston’s products or history please visit the Kingston Site.

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