256mb Corsair PC-3500C2



This is Corsair’s XMS Series 3500, which is Corsair’s fastest memory sold today. Due to this, the Corsair XMS 3500 modules are targeted at high end computing users with a guarantee from Corsair to run at 434 MHz with a Column Access Strobe (“CAS”) latency of just two cycles. The new XMS 3500 modules are available in 256MB and 512MB modules both using the winbond 5ns chips. Of course, for a little bit more money you can get the pretty platinum series that has silver heat spreaders. Both modules are built around 5 nanosecond RAM chips which have been carefully screened by Corsair to work up to 434MHz. This is the second time we have had the chance to review Corsair memory, so we won’t go in depth on the background of Corsair. This review will try to find the limits of the Corsair XMS 3500 memory while also seeing how stable it is under high speeds with the stress of gaming and a number of applications.

To find out more about Corsair’s products or history please visit the Corsair Site.

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