12K Gaming With One AMD Radeon R9 Fury X Graphics Card

We’ve seen AMD and NVIDIA showing off 12K gaming setups at trade shows all the way back to 2013. Running three 4K Ultra HD displays side-by-side is still impressive looking now was it was then as you are looking at around 1.5 billion pixels a second of gaming goodness (running at 60 FPS). That is a ridiculous amount of pixels!

12K Gaming

The most impressive part about the 12K AMD Eyefinity demo shown this week by AMD running the game title Dirt Rally is that they needed just one video card in the PC to push all those pixels at a playable frame rate, the AMD Radeon R9 Fury X. The frame rate was pushing 60FPS, which isn’t too bad considering what the single $649 graphics card is doing behind the scenes to push out all those pixels at an acceptable rate. AMD  informed us that two Radeon R9 290X’s or a Radeon R9 295×2 get around 45-50 FPS on this exact setup.  AMD used three Radeon R9 290X 4GB video cards back in 2013 when the Hawaii GPU launched to run Dirt 3 on a similar demo  setup.

Radeon R9 Fury X Video Card

This is all made possible by the AMD Radeon R9 Fury X 4GB HBM1 video card. This card has 4,096 Stream Processors running at at up to 1050 MHz and is capable of 8.6 TFLOPS of compute performance with a pixel fill-rate of 67.2 GP/s. The 4GB of Gen 1 High-Bandwidth Memory runs at a modest 500MHz on a 4,096-bit memory interface for an impressive 512 GB/s of memory bandwidth. Full benchmark numbers aren’t published yet on the $649 video card, but we have more details on the Fury X here if you are interested in learning more on it.