Thecus M3800 NAS Stream Box – Total Media Storage

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Benchmarking the M3800 – FTP Speeds

The first benchmark we wanted to run on the Thecus M3800 Total Media Storage and Playback Device was a real world test. For this, we downloaded the latest version of SmartFTP (4.0 Build 1047) and transferred a file from the client system to the Thecus M3800 server.

SmartFTP Upload Speeds

We uploaded an MKV movie to the Thecus M3800 server and noted that the upload speeds (Computer to NAS) topped out at around 16.8 MB/s.

SmartFTP Download Speeds

Once the files were uploaded to the network attached storage server, we then downloaded them back to a new location on the client machine. The download speed was quicker and the top speed seen was 48.2 MB/s during the download. These are solid performance numbers for a three drive RAID 5 array with the hard drives that we selected to use.

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