Sentey GS-6000 Optimus Mid Tower Case Review

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Assembly the Optimus GS-6000

Now what’s the fun in having a new case without assembling it with some parts? The Sentey Optimus GS-6000 works well as a mid-tower. The case can fit a video card up to 11 inches so this should satisfy the avid gamer. I have a CPU fan with a 4 1/2 inch diameter installed currently. Looks like this would max out at 5 inches before hitting the top fan. The CPU looks to also reach also max depth of 6 inches. We can see in the below picture it is fairly roomy in this case with the power supply location at the bottom.

Video card size

The installation of the mother boards was easy. Sentey seem to have skimmed back a bit on the Mother boards screws. My board requires nine while Sentey had on preset and seven additional in the accessory kit. This should still satisfy most mother boards for a stable install.

I am a fan of the hard drive trays here. Although they are not painted black like the rest of the case the functionality is perfect. Some trays from manufacturers are flimsy, but Sentey does a good job. The drive installs easily with the red plastic rails that pop off and on easily to so no screws are needed. Below the hard drive cage a fan can be installed for addition cooling

The 5 1/4 inch bay also does not need screws. The turn dial pops off, slide your drive in, and place the rail with turn dial back in place. To install a drive you will need to pop the front of the case off. The first slot does have a build in button with the bezel so it is not needed to take the honey combed style bezel off for the first drive.

The power supply location is also easy to install. It is nice that there is cleanable filter below that location. The power supply location is close enough to cut outs in the case to feed wires for cable management. Addition locations for case fans are also next to the power supply location. I do suggest using a modular power supply for easier wire management

Full Install

What’s a case these days without some lighting? Three of the available four case fans have blue LEDS. The top of the case, front of the case, and main side fans lights this case up.

Lit Up

The work put into the case on the inside cannot be seen from the outside. The big side case fan is stylish and matches the design of the top and front of the case. These is nothing to disguise here. A simple four pin Molex power connector control this side of the case.

Fan Side

Multiple labeled fan power connectors are in the inside of the case. There are typical Molex connectors to power these guys. As you can see below, the end result is sleek. Under the power button is a red activity light that reminded a bit of a certain Pontiac Trans-am in the 1980s.

Profile Lit Up

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