Rosewill Viper Z Mid-Tower ATX Case Review

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Rosewill Viper Z Mid-Tower ATX Case Conclusion


Today we’ve looked at a case from a company that many simply don’t think of when it comes to enthusiast chassis and have come away very impressed.  Rosewill has made the Viper Z a viable option for gamers and enthusiasts looking for a fully featured case that offers well thought out cable management features, versatile hardware installation capability and great looks, to boot.  I really liked the integrated card reader and fan controller provisions, both of which were done well and integrate nicely into the chassis.  The fans included with the Viper Z are quiet while offering decent airflow, which was a surprise to us.  Initially looking at the case features and pricing, I assumed the blue LED fans in the Viper Z would be loud, not move much air and have me wanting to swap them immediately, but that was far from the case, no pun intended.

Quality components are in use throughout the Viper Z.  The case itself is well-made, with the frame being solid, albeit somewhat flexible and the side panels are rigid.  The soft black paint on the panels looks great and is matched well across the plastic and steel.  The internals of the case follow suit, with quality rubber grommets, drive mounting cages and all-black header cables being used.  For the price it is being sold at, the Rosewill Viper Z offers build quality that is on par with some of the more expensive cases we have worked with, which is an impressive feat.

Things aren’t perfect with the Viper Z, of course.  The ODD bay isn’t tool-free, or modular.  I can forgive the non-modular aspect at this price point, but a tool-free mechanism to attach the optical drives would be a welcome addition and for a case that offers so many other enthusiast friendly features.  I was disappointed in the lack of tool-free functionality for the optical drives, though we didn’t end up using one in our build, making the point somewhat moot.  The drive caddies, while being made of quality materials, leave your drives mounted too close to the rear of the case and thus can cause interference with the side panel hitting the SATA cables attached to your storage drives, as we noted during our build.  I think Rosewill can fix this with new hard drive caddie design and would recommend they do so for future case revisions, as this issue certainly caused worry that I’d snap the IO area of one of my hard drives or SSD.  These small details aren’t deal breakers, but are definitely annoyances that we noticed during the build.


For users who want a solid, well-built case that they can install a nice mid-range enthusiast system in, the Viper Z will fit the bill and do so admirably.  The watercooling potential of the Viper Z is very impressive, given its price range, as well.  I really liked the blue LED color scheme with the black frame and windowed side panel, as it looks really good without being too overpowering.  The stock fans, while not overly impressive in the airflow department, work well and run fairly quietly.  We came away very impressed with the build quality, functionality and style of the Viper Z and feel that it is a good value at it’s current price of $51.99 shipped after 20% off (promo code EMCKAAT83 that ends 10/9) and a $20 mail-in rebate at Newegg.  Rosewill, with their Viper Z, has shown us that they are more than capable of producing a solid, well-built case targeted at enthusiasts and delivering it at a competitive price point.

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Legit Bottom Line:  Color us impressed.  The Rosewill Viper Z is a well-built case that offers enthusiast features and premium options at a competitive price point.         


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  • meddah4

    I like the single SSD/HDD tray. Minimizes distractions from the air flow coming in the front of the case. I’d rather run my back up(s) HDD in an external unit configuration. Nice case. Viper’s on my future buy list.

  • John Ashley

    Just built my Ryzen 5 1600, gtx1080 build in this. Worked very well. Taking the optical drive bay out was a hassle. Wish there was official support for a third fan on the front (I just zip tied the 3rd fan where the optical drive bay used to be).
    Air flow is great, my CPU is running at 30 at idle, case is fairly quiet.

    Overall great case.

    • meddah4

      Is that top i/o panel (off /on) easily removable, accessible for rewiring?

      • John Ashley

        While I have not tried to remove the front I/O panel, I do know that it is difficult to get in and around it. I would imagine you could remove the front I/O if you wanted.

        • meddah4

          I really like what I seen of this case. I want to replace a Corsair Carbide 330r case that has some features like it but turned out to be a bad buy. The motherboard mounting holes didn’t align with the Asus board properly. When I modified the case to fit it, it put a lot of stress on the gpu PCIe slot and card. I ended up burning thru 2 video cards before I gave up on it. The rear 90mm exhaust fan pinched the rear i/o panel -ended up outside the case, too. Along with fragile plastic hinges on the front and snap-on tabs that bend on the top cover, really made for nightmare of the year.
          I’m really considering Rosewill case and I hope it serves you well.

        • John Ashley

          My MSI Tomahawk B350 board fit perfectly in this case. I had not alignment issues.
          My biggest complaint was the sharp edges. While not terrible, I did walk away with a few nicks. So watch the corners.
          One of my biggest positives for this case was the height of the stands on the bottom. My case sits on carpet by my desk. There is about 1.5″ clearance between the carpet and the intake for the PSU.

        • meddah4

          I just put my order in at Newegg. I almost bought a Fractal Design 4 but wasn’t persuaded by it’s features as the Viper did. Watched a few Youtube videos which helped encouraged me. Thanks for the big tip. Looking forward to seeing it on my door step.

      • Sean Kumar Sinha

        The top IO isn’t easily removable on the Rosewill case. It is a very easy case to build into and work with, though.

        • meddah4

          They say that the on/off button easily breaks and falls in. I was hoping to reinforce it or make a new button. Yeah, I like the features it has. tall feet, single hdd rack, space for 2/140mm fans in front and a 240mm liquid cooler on top. I’ve put my Vega card back into the box until I can get a water block for it. It runs very hot. 84c+.

  • nice article

  • A very nice looking case for a decent gaming PC

  • Nice review. Appreciate your hard work in arranging all the stuffs

  • Nice case and good review. But maybe you should have put more images of that case.

  • Billy Dark0

    Great review! Thank you for taking the time to look at it so thoroughly and provide pictures.
    I do have one question about this case. I did read that a 240mm radiator was supported. Would you say that just about any 240mm AIO liquid cpu cooler would fit? With it being a mid-tower, and judging by the pictures, it seems it would be a tight fit on top.
    More specifically, the Corsair H100i GTX (240mm) as the AIO cooler.
    Thanks again! Great read.

    • Sean Kumar Sinha

      The H100I GTX will fit just fine but you need to run the fans on top. It won’t fit with the H100I GTX and fans installed within the case, the fans will have to sit in pull mode above the radiator in the dedicated fan chamber, while the H100I GTX sits in the main case (See my MasterCase 5 review for an example of this). This actually works quite well, as the fans are able to draw out warm air and it minimizes dust build up.

      • Billy Dark0

        I checked your other review out and I see what you’re saying. Thank you very much for your help!

        • Sean Kumar Sinha

          The way the case is setup makes radiator installation easier because the fans can sit in their location and then you only have to line up the radiator, rather than hold the radiator and fans in place while screwing them in. Let me know if you end up getting a Viper Z. It’s a great value for the money and I was pleasantly surprised at how good it is.