Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum RGB 7.1 Surround Gaming Headset Review

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Subjective Listening: Music, Movies, and Games

Not everyone hears the same as each other. People’s ears are different and preferences dictate our style. The subjective listening tests in our reviews not only compare the product with other gaming headsets, but also audiophile-grade headphones. Those who don’t regularly listen with higher-end equipment may not notice the sound quality deficiencies we are able to notice.foobar2000Music

Though the G633 Artemis Spectrum has multiple operational modes through different cables and surround sound implementations, it maintains a distinct sound character. The highs are bright and shrilly, mids are present and upfront, and lows are almost nonexistent. Audio outputted from the G633’s integrated audio chipset had some detail missing across all frequencies and delivering audio over the 3.5mm analog cable from a dedicated sound card yielded a better result.Logitech G633 Artemis SpectrumMovies

Though the very weak bass response doesn’t lend to an explosive entertainment audio experience, the controlled mids don’t overwhelm trebles which give good pop to sound. Movies and TV shows sound pretty good with the G633 since the less busy nature of the medium when compared to music, is more forgiving with less bass. The virtual surround in Logitech Gaming Software is best used for movies and TV to give a different character.


The G633 is best used for gaming. The bright shrilly highs aggressively elevate most environmental effects such as footsteps and gunshots so that they stand out from most other sounds. By focusing the sound character on high frequencies where there tends to be less reverb, gaming sounds are tight and precise. Positional audio is only acceptable however and is not particularly impressive.


The recording quality of the microphone is good with no serious distortion imparted upon voice chat.Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum

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  • Phạm Trần Hải Châu

    I bought e refurbished version on Amazon, have been using it for 1 month and everything work fine. The best thing is I never feel headache or sweaty after a long time playing game. I play Overwatch and the surround sound really helpful for me; best 99 CAD I ever spend on gaming gear.


  • Zach B.

    Between this, and the new void series from Corsair. Which headset would you choose overall as the better product? Is the added cost to the Logitech headphones worth it? Or are they mostly on par and only give you slightly brighter lights that you’ll never see on your head (unless you’re an alien with tentacle eyes), but will probably be distracting on glossy/glass monitors during dark scenes?

    • Sean Kumar Sinha

      I reviewed the VOID, while David reviewed the Logitech. We’ve both tried both headsets, though. I personally struggled to find value with the VOID at $129 and I definitely don’t think the $199 G933 justifies that cost. I preferred the more neutral sound of the VOID to the Logitech for general use and found the Logitech a bit too bright and shrilly for non-gaming applications. They are both good wireless gaming headsets, but I struggled to find value with either of them at their current price points.

      • Zach B.

        So basically wait for one of them to go on sale and snag a pair with a discount in order to get a decent value from them. Thanks for the reply.

        • Sean Kumar Sinha

          You got it! The wired versions of both are cheaper, with the VOID at $99.

        • kyle burdick

          I paid 89.99 about $110 savings.

    • David Yee

      The two headset lines are very different from each other and they have their own pros and cons. As such, I cannot recommend one over the other without knowing your preferences.

      Both the Logitech G633 and Corsair VOID Wireless reviews cover sound and comfort, with the VOID generally winning out in both those categories. However, the G633 does have a specialized sound character which situationally makes it better. The lights on the Artemis Spectrum headsets are much better because of the larger lighting zones. The lights on both the Artemis Spectrum and VOID lines are not front facing which means there is no reflection or glare cast on computer monitors.