Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum RGB 7.1 Surround Gaming Headset Review

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Logitech Gaming Software

The Logitech Gaming Software must be downloaded in order to fully utilize the G633 Artemis Spectrum’s features including G-Key assignments, LED color settings, and virtual surround sound. This same software program is also used for other Logitech Gaming products. It can be downloaded from Logitech’s support webpage.

The home menu for the G633 features a graphic of the headset with glowing G-Keys. Clicking those keys brings up the G-Key assignment menu which can also be accessed from the bottom row along with the other settings.G633 Logitech Gaming Software

On the G-Keys setting menu, there is a list of commands to the left of the headset graphic that can be modified or assigned to a G-Key.

G633 Logitech Gaming Software

A command can be edited or created to a wide set of functions including media controls, text macros, and program shortcuts.G633 Logitech Gaming Software

In the lighting settings, several lighting presets are provided as well as the option to make custom ones. The G633 can store one lighting setting to its onboard memory.G633 Logitech Gaming Software

Logitech Gaming Software now allows for the light setting of compatible RGB gaming peripherals to be synced.Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum

With a custom lighting profile, the user can adjust the brightness, color, and effect of the lights on the headset. Leaving the lighting effect to off keeps the LED lights at a steady glow.G633 Logitech Gaming Software

Other menu options include per-profile settings and Lighting Sleep Timer which turns off the LED lights after a set idle time.G633 Logitech Gaming Software

The breathing effect lighting effect causes either the logo light zone or the side light zones or both to pulse on and off at a certain rate in the settings.G633 Logitech Gaming SoftwareThe color cycle lighting effect causes the lighting zone to change color continuously in a set order.

G633 Logitech Gaming Software

A volume level and equalizer menu controls the system volumes of the headphones and microphones as well as providing a simple equalizer and an advanced equalizer. To the left is a list of equalizer presets and custom sets.G633 Logitech Gaming Software

The G633 features 7.1 virtual surround sound implementations from Dolby and DTS. During our listening, there wasn’t any substantial difference in positional audio so it is probable that the virtual surround is upmixing the stereo input to simulate the sound of a spacious room with speakers.G633 Logitech Gaming Software

Turning on the surround mixer, we see there is a slider for toggling between DTS Headphone:X and Dolby Surround Sound.G633 Logitech Gaming Software

DTSL Headphone:X has a few settings selectable in the drop down menus. There are three room presets – DTS 7.1, First Person Shooter, and Logitech Signature Studio – and three stereo modes – Super Stereo Front and Super Stereo Wide.G633 Logitech Gaming Software

Dolby Surround Sound features volume levels for each of the simulated surround sound channels.G633 Logitech Gaming Software

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  • Zach B.

    Between this, and the new void series from Corsair. Which headset would you choose overall as the better product? Is the added cost to the Logitech headphones worth it? Or are they mostly on par and only give you slightly brighter lights that you’ll never see on your head (unless you’re an alien with tentacle eyes), but will probably be distracting on glossy/glass monitors during dark scenes?

    • Sean Kumar Sinha

      I reviewed the VOID, while David reviewed the Logitech. We’ve both tried both headsets, though. I personally struggled to find value with the VOID at $129 and I definitely don’t think the $199 G933 justifies that cost. I preferred the more neutral sound of the VOID to the Logitech for general use and found the Logitech a bit too bright and shrilly for non-gaming applications. They are both good wireless gaming headsets, but I struggled to find value with either of them at their current price points.

      • Zach B.

        So basically wait for one of them to go on sale and snag a pair with a discount in order to get a decent value from them. Thanks for the reply.

        • Sean Kumar Sinha

          You got it! The wired versions of both are cheaper, with the VOID at $99.

        • kyle burdick

          I paid 89.99 about $110 savings.

    • David Yee

      The two headset lines are very different from each other and they have their own pros and cons. As such, I cannot recommend one over the other without knowing your preferences.

      Both the Logitech G633 and Corsair VOID Wireless reviews cover sound and comfort, with the VOID generally winning out in both those categories. However, the G633 does have a specialized sound character which situationally makes it better. The lights on the Artemis Spectrum headsets are much better because of the larger lighting zones. The lights on both the Artemis Spectrum and VOID lines are not front facing which means there is no reflection or glare cast on computer monitors.