Kingston HyperX Genesis 2133MHz 16GB Memory Kit Review

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Final Thoughts and Conclusions

The 16GB quad-channel kit of 2133MHz HyperX Genesis memory from Kingston Technology is a memory kit that is more than capable of handling any number of large memory usage computer programs, while also providing the speed of 2133MHz to ensure that our programs work quickly, and effortlessly. And having the ability of pushing this memory even farther to 2200MHz will ensure that overclockers will have plenty of BCLK adjustments on our motherboards to make sure that we can squeeze out every last bit of performance we can out of our CPU’s while maintaining a high memory frequency of 2200MHz.

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The performance of this memory is what I would consider to be on par, meaning that it performed about right where I would expect this memory kit to perform at. In the overclocking department I will have to say this memory kit is moderate overclockable, only gaining a 67 MHz on overclocking is not what I would staggering. But, at the same time though that due to the nature of how I have to overclock my current CPU, the Intel Core i7 3820, that extra 67 MHz allowed me to maintain my high CPU overclock of 4.8GHz, while at the same time allow me to run this memory kit at its highest possible frequency.

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This memory kit from Kingston Technology goes for $99.99 USD with free shipping and handling; this memory kit also comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Considering the price and the performance of this memory I feel that Kingston Technology has a kit of memory that balances speed, and capacity, while at the same time providing it affordable enough for just about anyone needing a high capacity, and fast memory kit for their computer.

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Legit Bottom Line:

The Kingston Technology 16GB 2133MHz Genesis memory is a perfect candidate for just about anyone who wants or needs an affordable, large capacity, high frequency memory for their computing needs.

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