HMDX Craze Bluetooth Earbuds Review

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HMDX Craze Bluetooth Earbuds

HMDX is best known for their award winning Jam Bluetooth speaker line.  While Jamz Audio and HMDX Audio are now separate companies, many of their designs are still very similar.  HMDX has the Craze Bluetooth ear buds, while JAM Audio has the Transit.  If you take a look at these, they are nearly identical, with just slight variation in design and a difference in cost. HMDX-Craze-Headphones The HMDX Craze Bluetooth ear buds, are self-explanatory, they are wireless earbuds that connects to bluetooth enabled devices.  These ear buds include a rechargeable battery, that HMDX says will last up to 6 hours, depending on how they are used. HMDX-Craze-Controls The earbuds work for both audio and phone calls using the integrated mic for calls.  Being wireless you have to be able to control the device or answer calls, so there are controls built onto the ear buds that allow you to answer calls and adjust the volume without having to touch the audio device. The HMDX Craze ear buds are available in three different colors, Black (HX-EP250BK), Blue (HX-EP250BL), and Red (HX-EP250RD), all three have a suggested retail price of $39.99, however they can regularly be found cheaper.  Amazon currently has the Black model for $32.98 with free shipping.  HMDX also provides a 1 year warranty with the Craze earbuds.

Before taking a listen to the Craze Earbuds, let’s take a quick look at the retail packaging, and what you get with the HMDX Craze Bluetooth earbuds.

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  • Cee Jaay

    2016. July. 15
    I brought these headphones yesterday after losing my LG Bluetooth headphones. These are not terrible but should not be used if you live in the inner city where it is noise constantly. THERE IS NO NOISE CANCELLATION AT ALL ON TNIS HEADPHONES!!!
    They go in and out. I did find that if you speak to someone in an incredibly quiet atmosphere, then they are not bad. But the battery life sucks. It says it last 6 hours but it should say thay it last 6 hours whether its in use ir not. Then when it goes dead there is a piercing beeping noise that will irritate and give you a headache. IF you need these get them for emergency purposes only. But they are 21 bucks for a reason. I WILL be returning mine today.

  • Christian

    I love these vest gift ever!!! I’ve had many brands and for the low price the quality is amazing good sound good battery life