Func MS-3 R.2 Gaming Mouse and Surface 1030 r2 Mouse Pad Review

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Looking around the Func MS-3

The Func MS-3 is a big and heavy mouse with dimensions of 4.99 x 3.97 x 1.69 in LxWxH (126.92 x 100.69 x 42.38 mm) and a weight of 4.5 ounces (127g / 0.28lbs.) Not only is there lots of mouse under the hand, Func has also sculpted channels  for all the fingers to rest on the top of the mouse.

Func MS-3 Gaming MouseFaintly visible in the gap of the top piece and the side piece are the 3 sensitivity indicator red LEDs. The DPI levels can be set in the mouse software. There are two LED light zones that can be customized in the mouse software with RGB values. One is the scroll wheel and the other is the Instant Aim thumb button and the colors and pulse effects can be assigned independently.

Also visible in this image and the one following are the four buttons that can be accessed by the thumb. Every button on the MS-3 mouse can be customized. This is perhaps the first mouse that places a button on both sides of the thumb well, though the button on the edge of the thumb rest is the least accessible. Func seems to realize that button’s limited utility as it mutes volume by default – something you won’t often do, but nice to have within reach.Func MS-3 Gaming MouseThe MS-3 is best suited for the palm grip where the hand and fingers rest on top and make full contact with the mouse. Take into consideration that this is a big and heavy mouse.Func MS-3 Gaming MouseThe textured scroll wheel rolls with tactile bumps and as a button, doesn’t require excessive force to press. Near it along the line between the primary mouse buttons are two buttons. All the mouse buttons and the scroll wheel are programmable.Func MS-3 Gaming MouseHere’s another look at the molding. Also visible is the single side button to the left of the left mouse button.Func MS-3 Gaming MouseObserve how the fingers are to rest flat on the mouse.Func MS-3 Gaming MouseFunc MS-3 Gaming MouseThe MS-3 mouse has a 76 inch long braided cable (6.3 ft / 2 m) ending in a gold plated USB plug.

The underside of the mouse has four feet that allow for consistent gliding. Also visible is the laser sensor that can track up to 5670 DPI.Func MS-3 Gaming Mouse

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  • Kristian Tarillon

    cant finde download like plz help

  • alice


  • Nacelle

    Personally, I don’t care for finger rests. It makes it hard to pick up the mouse to preposition it. I’d rather have a flat surface on the right.

    • Urseus Arktos

      How does it make it harder to pick up the mouse? o.O…I, myself, think the ergonomic design will do a lot for me. I’ve had embarrassing deaths on games many a time because I wasn’t holding my mouse comfortably

      • Nacelle

        I squeeze the mouse on the sides to pick it up. Thumb on one side, pinky + ring finger on the other. Without a flat surface, my fingers slip off. Which means I have to squeeze harder than I otherwise would to hold the mouse.

        • Urseus Arktos

          Strange. I hold the mouse full handed when picking it up. Flat surfaces tend to be more slippery for me and according to basic physics than not flat surfaces

        • Nacelle

          My Razer Death Adder has a rubber grip on it’s right side.

        • Nacelle

          With pressure coming in straight from the side, an angled surface is more likely to cause your fingers to slip off.
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