Func MS-3 R.2 Gaming Mouse and Surface 1030 r2 Mouse Pad Review

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Func MS-3 Gaming Mouse

Func MS-3 Gaming Mouse and 1030-2 Mouse PadFunc is a company you might have heard of before many years ago. Founded in 1999, fUnc released its first product in 2000, the sUrface 1030 dual sided mouse pad. Since its early rounds of early releases, Func grew quiet until last year when it began to release products both new and refreshed. The Func 10302 mouse pad is one of the refreshed products we’ll be looking at today in this combined review with their new gaming mouse called the MS-3.Func MS-3 Gaming MouseThe MS-3 gaming mouse is the largest mice we’ve seen since we reviewed the Roccat Kone XTD. The 4.99×3.97×1.69 inch dimensions pack a laser sensor, onboard memory that stores three profiles, two multicolor LED light zones, and nine customizable mouse buttons. Closer to the end of this article, we’ll review the 10302 L dual-sided hard mouse pad. The MS-3 mouse and the 10302 mouse pad are available at Newegg respectively for $59.99 with $1.99 shipping and $34.99 with $5.67 shipping.

MS-3_03_boxbackFunc MS-3 Gaming Mouse Features:

  • Keep your comfy grip, allows you to remain focused on the screen
  • Optimal “in-range” button placement for more accurate gameplay
  • Switch instantly to another dpi holding down the Instant aim™ button
  • Carry your settings with you thanks to onboard memory storing up to 3 profiles
  • Advanced macro editor records up to 20 actions live
  • Adjust your mouse exactly to your gameplay style
  • Customizable LED-light system with profile indication
  • Built to last with only the best components available
  • Plug n play, no need for installations

R2 New Features:

  • 10M cycle OMRON switches
  • Improved cable
  • Better Windows 8 support
  • Firmware updater
  • Extended macros
  • Improved scroll wheel
  • Settings software 1.22
  • Firmware 1.1c

Func MS-3 Gaming Mouse Specifications:

  • MCU/Processor: WT6573
  • Switches: Omron
  • Sensor: Avago ADNS 9500
  • Memory: Onboard, 512 kB
  • Resolution: 90-5670 DPI
  • Frames per second: 12 000
  • Tracking speed: 5.1 m/sec (150 ips)
  • Max Acceleration: 30 g
  • Image processing: 10.6 megapixels/sec
  • Report rate: Adjustable, up to 1000Hz
  • Lift-off distance: Adjustable
  • Upgradable firmware: Yes
  • Connection: USB. Goldplated (2 m braided cable)
  • 126.92×100.69×42.38mm / 4.99×3.97×1.69in
  • Net weight: 127g / 0.28lbs.
  • 2-year warranty

Func MS-3 Gaming MouseThe MS-3 comes with a product manual, a driver CD, and a card warning users that Windows 8 incompatibility problems may be the cause of outdated motherboard drivers. The 10302 mouse pad only comes with the mouse pad.Func MS-3 Gaming Mouse

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  • Kristian Tarillon

    cant finde download like plz help

  • alice


  • Nacelle

    Personally, I don’t care for finger rests. It makes it hard to pick up the mouse to preposition it. I’d rather have a flat surface on the right.

    • Urseus Arktos

      How does it make it harder to pick up the mouse? o.O…I, myself, think the ergonomic design will do a lot for me. I’ve had embarrassing deaths on games many a time because I wasn’t holding my mouse comfortably

      • Nacelle

        I squeeze the mouse on the sides to pick it up. Thumb on one side, pinky + ring finger on the other. Without a flat surface, my fingers slip off. Which means I have to squeeze harder than I otherwise would to hold the mouse.

        • Urseus Arktos

          Strange. I hold the mouse full handed when picking it up. Flat surfaces tend to be more slippery for me and according to basic physics than not flat surfaces

        • Nacelle

          My Razer Death Adder has a rubber grip on it’s right side.

        • Nacelle

          With pressure coming in straight from the side, an angled surface is more likely to cause your fingers to slip off.
          | <—-