DFI LANPARTY UT ICFX3200-T2R/G Motherboard

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Final Thoughts and Conclusion

I am really at a loss for words when it comes to writing my conclusion for this board.  There is really not too much to be said other than, “look at the numbers.”  It did not score well in any of our testing other than gaming, so performance is only so-so.  The price of the board is right at $180, so it would be hard to justify this board at that price point when so many of the other boards that it was compared to are cheaper and out-perform it.

When it comes to the RD600 chipset, I really did expect more right out of the box.  DFI included all of the tweaks that have been available on past LanParty series boards.  There is likely some tweaking that can be done to get a little more out of the board, and many of the hard core tweakers would like that on this board. However, why do it when better performance can be had out of the box with the likes of the 680i, 650i and even the 650i ultra chipsets from Nvidia as well as the tried and true Intel 965 and 975 boards.  The performance of the RD600 chipset just seems to fall short when compared to these others.

Legit Bottom Line: This board, though it carries the LanParty series naming, just seems to fall short of its predecessors.  For top performance right out of the box, your money is better spent on one of the other chipsets that are currently available.

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