Cryorig R1 Ultimate CPU Cooler Review

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Cryorig R1 Ultimate CPU Cooler – Packaging and Accessories

Cryorig R1 Ultimate Box

The R1 Ultimate is packaged in a very large, attractive box that has a foil-stamped Cryorig logo, as well as a large image of the R1 Ultimate with the fans installed from a top-down view.  A brief product blurb denotes that “The R1 Ultimate Dual Tower cooler is the apex of air cooling of cooling innovation and design, with two XF140 low noise high performance fans.”  The box is very colorful, with a rainbow of color running along a stripe on the bottom side.  Overall, the attractive box will serve well to show off the R1 Ultimate and gives the product a high quality feel right off the bat.

Cryorig R1 Ultimate Packaging - Rear

The rear of the packaging features graphical renderings of the R1 Ultimate, along with complete specifications for both the R1 Ultimate heatsink and the included XF140 fans.  The information included is complete, with weight and dimensional specifications provided.  A list of compatible sockets is printed on the lower portion of the package rear side, showing the versatility of the R1 Ultimate, with support extending to as far back as LGA 775 and Socket AM2 processors, though as we mentioned, we suspect users of the R1 Ultimate will be pairing it with more current, high end processors, given its price point.

Cryorig R1 Ultimate box - right side

The right side of the box covers several marketing points and features of the R1 Ultimate.  Cryorig notes that the R1 Ultimate is compact and compatible, which I think is a bit optimistic, though the socket support is certainly there.  A five step installation process with just a five minute installation thanks to the MultiSeg mounting system is noted and we certainly look forward to seeing this mounting system in action.  Lastly, Cryorig touts the acoustic properties of the XF140 fans, which do indeed seem to be very capable fans, on paper.

Cryorig R1 Ultimate Box, Left Side

The R1 logo is rendered with foil-stamping that looks very nice on the other side of the box, with a wire drawing of the heatsink and fan lightly printed in grey against the black background.  The box for the R1 Ultimate is very nice, with attractive illustrations and quality printing in use throughout.

Cryorig R1 Ultimate Box Opened

Once we open the box, we see a notation to register your cooler for a three year extended warranty by becoming a Cryorig VIP.  Since the cooler carries a three year warranty by default, registering gives you an effective six years of warranty coverage.  This is a very good warranty for a heatsink and while users may be wondering where a heatsink warranty comes into play, it is actually very important for an expensive product such as the R1 Ultimate to carry a warranty.  Should there be a manufacturing defect that causes the heatpipes to lose effectiveness and Cryorig didn’t discover it for some time, it’s good to know that down the line you’ll be covered.  Also, the XF140 fans are not cheap, so should one fail, it’s nice to know that Cryorig will cover its replacement.  Cryorig seems to be a company driven by performance and very computer enthusiast-friendly and in the short time I’ve seen them on the market, they seem to get praise for having solid customer service.

Cryorig R1 Ultimate contents

There are two separate cardboard boxes inside of the main packaging for the R1 Ultimate.  The smaller box houses the screws and attachment accessories for the R1 Ultimate, while the larger box contains the R1 Ultimate and XF140 fans.

Cryorig R1 Ultimate accessory box

The illustrative descriptions of the contents that are printed on the box is a very nice touch.  Cryorig has packaged the R1 Ultimate to ensure that the heatsink is protected from scratches, while also making the install process more organized and smoother for the end user.  The packaging for the R1 Ultimate definitely matches the price of the unit and thus far, we are impressed.

R1 Ultimate accessory kit

Cryorig includes a very nice set of accessories with the R1 Ultimate, including a screwdriver, alcohol pad, tube of thermal grease, fan splitters and installation guide.  The accessory set comes with everything you will need to install the R1 Ultimate and the thought to include an alcohol pad to ensure the CPU has been properly prepared is a nice touch that we don’t see a lot of manufacturers employ, even though the cost of doing so isn’t high at all.  There is also a card included that includes a serial number for registration, another nice touch that reflects the premium status and price point of the R1 Ultimate.

CryoRig R1 Ultimate Multiseg

The MultiSeg mounting mechanism looks really solid and well-built.  Given the size and weight of the R1 Ultimate, solid mounting hardware is an absolute must and Cryorig has done a great job with the MultiSeg kit.  This kit is also compatible with Skylake processors that may be subject to damage due to thinner substrate, an issue we covered here at Legit Reviews just a couple of months ago.  Cryorig, in fact, has a full page dedicated to explaining the problem with Skylake processors, why they are damaged and why their mounting system is not susceptible to the issues other manufacturers faced.  I am very impressed with Cryorig and the amount of documentation and support they have on their website.

Now that we’ve taken a look at the packaging for the Cryorig R1 Ultimate, let’s take a look at the unit itself.

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