Cougar 550M Gaming Mouse Review

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Software: Cougar UIX System

The Cougar UIX System is the software used to customize 550M mouse settings including onboard profile management, tracking sensitivity, macro assignments, and RGB lights. The latest version of the software can be downloaded from Cougar’s download website which may include a bundled firmware update.

On the left of the Cougar UIX System interface is the menu element for switching between the three profile modes and the mouse settings. Mode 1 is currently being customized and the Performance submenu is open. From the Performance menu, changes can be made to each of the three main DPI settings, the sniper DPI setting, polling rate, angle snapping, lift height, mouse acceleration, and Windows mouse settings including double click speed, scroll speed, and pointer speed.Cougar 550M UIX SystemThe Key Assignment menu has a graphic of the mouse on the left with boxes above and below. Dragging an icon from the sets on the right to the boxes assigns a new button assignment.Cougar 550M UIX SystemBesides “Basic” mouse commands, “Advanced” preset commands can be assigned ranging from mode switching to media controls to even launching programs.

Cougar 550M UIX SystemMacro strings can be recorded and edited in a macro editor window. In addition to keyboard keystrokes, mouse movements and button presses can be recorded.Cougar 550M UIX System

Lighting Control allows changes to each of the two lighting zones. An RGB color can be individual assigned and given either a steady or breathing effect.Cougar 550M UIX System

Game Profile Management opens a window for the unsurprising purpose of managing profiles for executable programs. Profiles can be created, edited, deleted, imported, exported, and duplicated.Cougar 550M UIX System

When editing a profile, the user can change the profile name, its icon image, and the .EXE file path.Cougar 550M UIX System

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  • crabbos

    I just bought this mouse today and I love and hate it at the same time. The size, shape, buttons and features are all excellent. The sensor seems to be very accurate so far. The UIX software is very intuitive and easy to use. This mouse feels incredibly comfortable in the hand and I actually prefer the textured plastic grips to rubber ones. My only gripe is that this thing feels HEAVY. Hopefully I’ll get used to the weight but I think they’ve made a mistake is this regard.

  • basroil

    Love the fact they put “32bit ARM processor” in the specs… Considering all modern ARM designs are 32bit, and their Cortex M0 is dirt cheap, it’s like saying a car comes with power windows! Hell, I have servomotors using M0 cores!