XPG Invader Gaming Case Review – Sub $80 Chassis

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Build installed in the XPG Invader

Even before the XPG Invader has components inside, it looks great! However, when you have your monster build inside, it looks even better. The dark black really allows the RGB to stand out. I’m betting the same can be said about the white version of the case as well. The case has lots of cabling options available when it comes to cable routing. there’s a very convenient cutout in the PSU shroud that allows you to easily connect the power cables for your GPU which results in much shorter cable runs.  I wish more cases had this feature as it will come in handy if you have a vertical mounted GPU. However, I choose to opt out of using the pre-installed fans that come with the case but that was simply because i wanted to use some RGB fans. The pre-installed fans are decent fans and they’re about average on noise-to-air movement ration. I wouldn’t expect the pre-installed fans to be anything spectacular as they are just basic 3-pin fans but they get the job should you need them.

XPG Invader Finished Gaming PC Build

I’ll be honest here. There is NOT a lot of room here for cable management between the side panel and rear motherboard panel. I’d also like to mention that I am not the best when it comes to cable management. I plan in the future to redo my cable management. However, I was able to get off my cables to fit. For my setup, I have 5 RBG fans, 3 SSDs and 2 RGB/Fan management devices, and a 240mm AIO radiator which don’t help with my options for cable management options. With that in mind, I am more than sure someone with more cable skills than myself will be able to make the best of what’s available in this case.

XPG Invader - Wiring Space

There is enough clearance between the side mounted radiator and the front fans in my setup.

However, for dual radiators on the front and side, the side mounted radiator will need to be mounted on the backside of the side mount behind the motherboard because they both won’t fit inside, but there is clearance for 2 radiators. You can easily mount a 120mm AIO on the rear and have plenty of clearance for it. Sadly, the top mounts are limited to fans only I believe because there might be issues from VRMs and/or RAM modules.

XPG Invader Final Thoughts

ADATA is probably better known for their high-end memory products, deserving if I might add because they’re amazing. Their gaming brand “XPG” has really started to take off in the last few years. They have award-winning headsets, gaming chairs, gaming mice, keyboards and many other awesome products. Now they’re have added PC cases to their lineup such as the Invader we looked at today. It has great features, a good looking design and an awesome price! The case doesn’t feature anything that reinvents the case market but can there really be something that can?

The case does look and feel very durable. All the paneling and components fit nice snug and they don’t rattle. If there’s something that should be modular, it is very much that on this case and can be removed. It comes with quality dust filters that are all easily removable except the filter for the side mount section as you’ll have to remove the right side panel to get to it. The two fans that come with are decent but nothing fancy which is to be expected at this price point. The case isn’t extraordinary, but it does seem to be very competitive with others when it comes to quality, features and it’s 2 year warranty.

The question is, should you buy one? I will have to answer that with simply put, Yes!  It comes in a choice of black or white, tempered glass, RBG and it’s packed with features. You just can’t go wrong with choosing this case. I am quite happy with seeing another brand jump into the case market and for $79.99 shipped the XPG Invader is hard to pass up. I expect to see more cases from XPG in the coming years, giving us other options to it’s competitors.

LR Recommended Award

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