Turtle Beach Ear Force i60 Wireless Headset Review


Looking around the Turtle Beach Ear Force i60

The Turtle Beach i60 is a full-sized circumaural closed-back headset constructed mostly from metal to form a lightweight, but sturdy frame. The microphone is built into the headset adding to the clean appearance. The battery is rated in excess of 10 hours on a single charge, quite impressive for a headset that also carries a controller with buttons onboard while maintaining a moderate weight.

Turtle Beach has added a smart power saving feature that if no audio is played through the headset or if no movement is detected, the i60 will automatically turn off.Turtle Beach i60 Wireless headset

The headband is fully adjustable as the earcups are secured to the headband by sliding tracks. The red oval on the left earcup is touch sensitive and acts as a button to receive phone calls when the i60 headset is paired with a smartphone.Turtle Beach i60 Wireless headset

The rectangular earcups and headband are wrapped in stitched black leather. The foam padding on the earcups is spongy and forgiving, but the padding on the headband is more rigid. Overall, this headset is comfortable to wear even for several hours.

Turtle Beach i60 Wireless headsetTurtle Beach i60 Wireless headsetMost of the headset’s controls are kept onboard with lots of buttons that need figuring out and few functions on the transmitter. This allows the headset’s built-in codecs to be used when paired with other devices. In no particular order, the buttons can mute the microphone, rotate between the preset equalizer profiles, power or pair Bluetooth, rotate between the microphone voice morph profiles, and change the volume on the Bluetooth connected device.Turtle Beach i60 Wireless headsetLooking at the ends of the earcups are two different connectors one for the USB charging cable and the other for the 3.5 analog connector.Turtle Beach i60 Wireless headsetThe desktop transmitter in ways bears vague resemblance to the Mac Mini. Only three controls are provided audio volume, audio mute, and microphone volume. Several light indicators will indicate what functions are active including power state, microphone mute, and surround sound. A ring of white LEDs around the volume wheel indicates the volume level.Turtle Beach i60 Wireless headset

The desktop transmitter interfaces and is powered by a computer through USB. Both Windows and Mac systems are supported out of the box without the need for special drivers.Turtle Beach i60 Wireless headset

Four rubber feet at the corners underneath the transmitter keep from sliding around needlessly.Turtle Beach i60 Wireless headset