Thermaltake Tsunami Dream Tower Case

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This thing is as light as a feather, honestly the lightest case I have ever seen for its size. Then there is the look. An incredibly beautiful paint job, one so deep and reflective, that it would make the base of some heat sinks looks bad. In this era of brushed aluminum, bugs, and aliens, this case really stands out with a simple yet elegant look. Thermaltake even includes a very nice lint free cloth for keeping the exterior finish smudge free.

“A case this light has to be flimsy or have absolutely no room”, I thought to myself. Upon opening the side panel, I was amazed. Thermaltake did a fabulous job designing this case. If properly laid out there is enough room here for an internal water cooling kit! There are all sorts of places to tuck in extra wires or tubing.

The overall build of this case is incredible considering the weight. The “Modern Dream” is very stout. It might not survive the catastrophic incidents, but it would take something significant to cause damage to this case. The interior is free of sharp edges and very clean.

Let’s move on to some of the features.


First, we’ll look at some of the exterior features that should be important. Thermaltake mounted two USB, one 1394, and jacks for headphones and a microphone on top of the case, and hid them under a flip up lid. This is nice in that you don’t have to keep the case door open to access them. The power/reset buttons and the power/activity lights are mounted inside the case door next to the external drive bays. Moving to the bottom of the case we find some very nice “lockable” foot stands. These are very strong.

Opening the case door we see four external 5.25″ Drive bays, the two 3.5″ drive bays, and the stamped fan grill for the 120mm intake fan.

The case door locks in two stages, the first allows access to the drive bays, the second opens the front of the case allowing access to the fan filter and fan unit

Moving around to the back of the case we see the 120mm exhaust fan, the PCI/AGP slot covers, and the system ports. The case side panel is secured by two thumb screws, a locking mechanism, and a keyed lock for security.

Overall, the exterior of the case is flawless, and extremely hard to find fault with. Two things that I would liked to have seen on this case were maybe some handles on top for carrying (The size and weight of this case would make it an exceptional case for LAN parties). Second, because there are no handles, moving the case or opening doors requires you to touch the incredible finish, which even with the cleanest hands, will leave marks. Thank goodness for the lint free cloth Thermaltake included with the case.

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