Thermaltake Level 20 RGB Titanium Edition Gaming Keyboard Review

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Level 20 RGB Titanium Edition: Testing and Conclusion

The Cherry MX Speed switches are some of the best switches for gaming. They have been proven to be very reliable over time with their 50 million click cycles and overall build quality. Because Cherry has been producing mechanical switches for several decades, I am confident enough to say these switches will last a good long while on the Level 20 RGB Titanium keyboard. Since these are gaming switches, they have a clear switch housing. This allows light to spread more evenly across the switch and surface. The LEDs are located inside the switches, which seem to mount on the PCB.

In terms of gaming performance, this keyboard performed very well thanks to the MX Speed switches. Users coming from Cherry MX Red switches should not have too much problem adjusting to the MX Speed switches and their low 1.2mm actuation point. Although a 1000 Hz report rate comes standard in most modern gaming keyboards, the Level 20 RGB Titanium had no problems registering any of the key strokes.

With great gaming performance, this keyboard also looks great with its LED lighting effects. There is a customizable LED light bar in the middle of the keyboard, which can be blinding at times in a dark room. But for the most part, it enhances the look of the keyboard by accommodating the illuminated keys around it.

Three of the four sides on the Level 20 RGB Titanium have an LED strip for customization. This is something I have not seen on a mechanical gaming keyboard before, but it looks really good with all of the LEDs turned on. With the Tt iTAKE Engine software, I was able to change and customize the lighting effect of the side LED strip to match my setup.

Like its competitors, the Level 20 RGB Titanium also comes with a few key caps for gaming. Although they are textured, the red color and smooth finish is enough for someone to differentiate them from the normal black key caps.

The keyboard also allows for lighting customization without the need of the software. Of course, using the software does allow more flexibility, but changing lighting effects and customizing personalized themes without the need of the software is a huge plus for me.

When customizing lighting effects without the software, there is not a way to customize the individual LEDs in the light strips. The side LED strip will be simply be one color, and it will be the last color you set the adjuster to. But even with its limitations, there are still a total of six profiles, each with its own memory for storing different lighting and macro settings.

I am very happy with the overall performance and functionality of the Level 20 RGB Titanium keyboard. It does have a lot of features not offered by its competitors, like the mobile app and its compatibility with Amazon Alexa. Although voice control and the virtual keyboard features are great to have, I do not think they will play a large role in terms of competitive gaming. But I can already think of some good voice control and keyboard macro ideas that can be useful especially for someone who leaves their computer powered on most of the time.

The keyboard layout reminds me of the Corsair K70 layout with the similar media control keys and volume scroll wheel. With that said, the Level 20 RGB Titanium is priced right around the Corsair K70 with the same Cherry MX Speed switches. Build quality on both these keyboards are very similar with their metal top plate and genuine Cherry MX switches, but I think the Level 20 RGB Titanium has the slight edge. The TT iTAKE Engine software is not as complex and flexible as the Corsair iCUE software, but the mobile app really stands out.

I should also talk about the TT RGB Plus software. It lets you sync multiple TT RGB Plus devices (power supply units, mice, fans, water cooling components, etc.) together for one amazing light show. Now if you do have a setup with mostly TT RGB Plus compatible Thermaltake products, it does make sense to have the mobile app. This will allow you to control the lighting effects and sync it throughout the different devices.

Priced at $149.99 shipped on Amazon, this keyboard is priced around the Corsair K70 RGB Rapidfire gaming keyboard with Cherry MX Speed switches. It is difficult to choose which keyboard to purchase since both keyboards offer the same mechanical switches, but different features. Because of the performance and functionality of the Cherry MX Speed switches and the durable body construction, I am giving the Level 20 RGB Titanium our Editors’ Choice award.

LR Editors' Choice

Legit Bottom Line:  The Thermaltake Level 20 RGB Titanium keyboard performs great and offers unique lighting effects with its desktop and mobile software.

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