Thermaltake Core X2 Micro ATX Cube Chassis Review


Final Thoughts & Conclusion


The Thermaltake Core X2 Cube chassis certainly isn’t a case that’s lacking, well anything that I can think of, especially size! The Thermaltake Core X2 is a pretty big case, especially since it only supports up to a mATX motherboard. Though if you’re looking for this style of chassis for a full ATX motherboard Thermaltake does have the big boy Core X9 which supports the E-ATX form factor, but that’s a story for another day. The TT Core X2 comes in measuring at an impressive 18.3 x 12.6 x 21.3 inches. The Thermaltake Core X2, despite everything it has to offer carries a street price of only $100.99 at Amazon with free shipping.

While I’m not surprised in the least, the build quality of the Thermaltake Core X2 was great. Assembling and disassembling the TT Core X2 was a breeze, though all of the thumb screws were a touch tighter than could be undone without using a phillips head screw driver. Once I loosened the thumb screws it all came apart with ease. To often are parts just a little tighter fitting than I would like to see, today I never had any issues with the parts fitting/not fitting, everything went together great and lined up great.

The flexibility of the Thermaltake Core X2 Cube chassis is really what is selling me on it. The TT Core X2 is versitile enough that you can run an insane number of fans, as many as 22 120mm fans, or as many as six radiators of varying sizes!

Thermaltake Core X2 Cube Chassis

In addition to the flexibility of a single Thermaltake Core X2, you can add a second unit into the mix as a stacked system to increase the flexibility and capability of the TT Core X2!

The Thermaltake Core X2 Cube mATX chassis currently has a street price of only $100.99 at Amazon with free shipping. If you’re in the market for a mATX chassis that can handle and insane amount of cooling options, I doubt you’ll find anything better for the price. Thermaltake backs their Chassis up with a three year parts and labor warranty. If you want details on the warranty on Thermaltakes Chassis or any of their other products, you can find that information here.

LR Editors' Choice

Legit Bottom Line: The Thermaltake Core X2 is a really slick looking and flexible case. If you’re looking to pick up a versatile mATX chassis, the Thermaltake Core X2 cube chassis is a great choice.