The Super Talent T1000UX2G4 (2GB PC8000) Memory Kit

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Final Thoughts & Conclusion

Super Talent T1000UX2G4

As you can see the Super Talent memory was a great performer even on our Intel Core 2 Duo platform. DDR2 memory typically clocks better on AMD’s AM2 platform but reaching nearly 1100 MHz with these modules is excellent with our Intel system. With just a little more voltage I’m sure it would be possible. When you boil it all down the difference in performance between 1100 MHz and 1067Mhz is not worth it for 99% of the enthusiast market, at least not enough to justify a large price difference for memory rated to run at those speeds.

A note I made during testing is that we could not get the memory to run stable with tighter timings than the 4-5-4 they are rated for at 1000MHz. Setting them to 4-4-4 would cause SuperPi errors, and Winrar testing would crash. Most D9 IC’s that we’ve seen here at Legit Reviews will run 4-4-4 1000MHz when you apply 2.2v.

Something that we haven’t mentioned yet is that these modules do have EPP support. That means on Nvidia AM2 and some upcoming Intel chipsets you can be sure that the memory will be fully stable running with the settings provided by Super Talent in the memory’s SPD. Also for those wondering, these memory modules have no issue at all booting up at 1.8v on any of the three motherboards we have them in, Gigabyte DS3, Intel Bad Axe, and a Biostar AM2 motherboard. This is something to keep in mind as some memory and motherboard configurations seem to have problems booting up the first time due to voltage requirements and SPD values. This is something common on the DS3 motherboard that should be addressed in an upcoming BIOS.

With the current underwhelming D9 yields it will become increasingly difficult to find great memory like this at lower costs, if you’re in need of such memory it may be a good time to pick some up. While the cost is on the high side compared to DDRII-800 is high this memory is an absolute must for those looking to overclock E6300 and E6400 CPU’s with their lower multiplier. At the suggested retail price of $429 they aren’t the cheapest set of 2GB memory but are essential for getting the most out of your Intel Core 2 Duo.

If you are interested in picking up a set of these modules it might be tough to find a kit as very few resellers carry Super Talent part numbers here in the United States. Newegg carries a limited number Super Talent memory kits, but part number T1000UX2G4 was not one of them.  After doing a quick search on Froogle with the part number we were shocked that no matches were found. We then went to the reseller page on Super Talent and found that none of their listed resellers (AxionTech, Cheap Guys, Directron, eTech4sale, GearXS, Newegg and many more) carry this part number.  If you want a kit of this memory we don’t know where to tell you to go. 

Legit Bottom Line: With the Super Talent T1000UX2G4 memory kit, Super Talent has delivered DDRII memory with excellent clock speeds and enough headroom for getting that new Core 2 Duo to speeds that will spin your head.

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