The Super Talent T1000UX2G4 (2GB PC8000) Memory Kit

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Test System & Overclocking

Our test system:

Intel Test Platform



Live Pricing


Intel Core 2 Duo E6600


Intel D975XBX v304

Video Card


Hard Drive

Western Digital Raptor 74GB


Thermaltake Big Typhoon

Power Supply

OCZ PowerStream 600W

Operating System

Windows XP Professional


Do keep in mind that in order to overclock the memory, the CPU speed must be increased as well. Overclocked results will be influenced by the extra CPU speed. The Core 2 Duo is well known for overclocking and many find themselves unable to clock their CPU to full potential due to the limits of their memory.


Here we see the default timings that are specified for the Super Talent modules as read in the SPD by CPU-Z.

With the motherboard BIOS set to the maximum voltage option of 2.2v, which happens to be the voltage our memory is rated for, we set out to find the maximum stable clock speeds. After much testing we found that the memory was able to complete all tests without error or crashing at 1080MHz, an 80MHz increase. It may not seem like much but it allowed our CPU to run nearly 200MHz faster over default speeds. We were able to increase clock speeds further to 1120MHz by loosening the timings to 5-5-5-15, but had problems completing some tests at anything over 1080MHz. We’re certain that with a better motherboard and more voltage options that our Supertalent would be capable of completing our tests at 1120MHz!!


We decided to include our overclocking results along with the scores of the standard speeds of the memory. This was done in the interest of keeping the article shorter and to keep you from having to flip through several pages to compare.

The baseline memory speed was tested at 1000MHz which required our Core 2 Duo CPU to be run at 3000MHz. With the maximum memory speed of 1080MHz the CPU was at 3240MHz. The CPU used in our testing is known to run completely stable at 3.6GHz which is beyond the capabilities of our motherboard at the 800MHz divider required to hit these memory speeds.

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