The ChillTec Thermoelectric CPU Cooler Review

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The Test System

The actual Intel test system:

The Test System

The Intel Test Platform Specifics:

Intel Test Platform




Intel Core 2 Duo E6400


Asus P5B-E


1GB Team Group Xtreem PC2-6400

Video Card

XFX 7900GT

Hard Drive

Western Digital Raptor 74GB


Ultra ChillTEC

Power Supply

Corsair 520W

Operating System

Windows XP Professional SP2

To test out the Ultra ChillTec Cooler, we ran it on our Intel Core 2 Duo test platform which was then run at default and overclocked settings. Each temperature reading was obtained by using Core Temp 0.95 after leaving idle for one hour. Load times were obtained by leaving the processor at load for 2 hours. We used two profiles to test the Ultra ChillTec Cooler. The room temperature was kept a constant 20C (68F) for all benchmarking.

Profile 1: The Normal User (No Overclocking)

  • CPU Multiplier: 8x

  • CPU voltage: 1.2000V

  • FSB: 1066MHz

  • Memory Voltage: 1.80V

  • Final CPU Frequency: 2.13GHz

Profile 2: The Average Enthusiast (Mild Overclocking)

  • CPU Multiplier: 8x

  • CPU voltage: 1.3000V

  • FSB: 1400MHz

  • Memory Voltage: 2.00V

  • Final CPU Frequency: 2.80GHz

On to the Ultra ChillTec Cooler performance numbers!

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