Samsung Says Galaxy Fold is Fixed

Samsung has had a hard time with the Galaxy Fold smartphones. The screens of the devices failed in reviewer hands leading Samsung to pull the device and cancel its launch. We learned earlier this week that those who had preordered and didn’t confirm with Samsung that they still want the smartphone by May 31 will have their order canceled.

Samsung has now announced that the Fold is fixed and that a new launch date will be announced in the coming weeks reports Tom’s Guide. Samsung will reportedly decide on a new launch date either today or tomorrow, May 10, 2019. Samsung says that the display issue has been resolved.

It didn’t offer any indication of why the screen failed in reviewer’s hands. Speculation suggests that the failures had to do with a gap between the screen and the hinge that allowed debris to get inside. If correct, the fix may have been as easy as filling that gap somehow.

When the Galaxy Fold went up for preorder, it quickly sold out available units. The devices cost about $2,000 each and Samsung recently said no one had been charged for the Fold just yet.