Samsung May Cancel Galaxy Fold Preorders by May 31

Samsung has announced something that everyone has been wondering for those who preordered the Galaxy Fold smartphone. The screen on the Fold failed within a few days of getting into the hands of several reviewers, and Samsung canceled the lanch while it tried to figure out what was going on.

Samsung has now announced that if it can’t fix the smartphone by May 31 and users don’t register their continued interest in the device; the preorders will be canceled reports CNBC. The smartphone costs those who preordered about $2,000.

Samsung sent out an email to those who preordered that read, “If we do not hear from you and we have not shipped by May 31, your order will be canceled automatically.” The Fold was initially expected to launch on April 26.

Samsung has yet to confirm what went wrong with the screens of the smartphones. All it has stated so far is that the device needs “further improvements.” Samsung also notes that those who preordered haven’t been charged for the smartphone at this time.