Rosewill R5 Black Mid Tower Case Review

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R5 Interior Thoughts

R5 Bare Chassis

Since I removed all of the panels and bezels from the exterior, it is time for me to give the interior a good look through. Here is the R5 chassis completely stripped down to the bare chassis, what could be removed (externally) was removed.

R5 5.25

The R5 chassis is a tool-less chassis design, meaning that we should not need the use of any tools to install our computer hardware into this chassis. With a couple of exceptions of course, I will give these out a bit later. The 5.25” drive/device bays are no exception to the tool-less design feature of the R5 chassis, to install a 5.25” bay drive/device all we need to do is twist the little knobs a ½ turn install the drive/device and turn the knob the opposite direction a ½ turn to secure the drive/device. The R5 chassis utilizes 2 of these tool-less locks on the 5.25” bay drive/device bays (one on each side).

R5 HDD Carriers

The R5 chassis uses physical HDD carriers. To remove these just grab the center of the carrier and pull out and the HDD carrier slides out. These HDD carriers can mount a 3.5″ HDD or the smaller 2.5″ HDD/SSD.

R5 HDD Cage

The R5 chassis can use up to 6 HDDs in this chassis.

R5 Front IO Headers

The front IO motherboard headers, a word of note, the R5 chassis uses a physical USB 3 front motherboard header instead of a pass through cable/extension cable we have seen on previous chassis.

R5 PSU Isolator

The R5 uses a foam rubber material on the PSU mounting face on this chassis; that will help suppress any noise or vibrations that comes from the PSU.

R5 120mm Exhaust Fan

A quick look at the rear exhaust 120mm fan that is included with the R5 chassis.

R5 Upper optional 120mm Fan Mounts

The 2 optional upper 120mm fan mounts.

R5 CPU Cutout

Rosewill gives the R5 chassis a really large CPU cut out so this chassis should be able to accommodate just about any type of motherboard that is in use today.

In case you did not know, this CPU cutout is put here so we can remove the CPU cooler without having to remove the motherboard from the chassis.

R5 Internal Measurement

A quick measurement of the interior of the R5 chassis, from the rear of the chassis, to the rear of the HDD cage, we have right at 13” of room inside of this chassis.

Which to me is a fairly large area considering that this chassis is classified as a mid sized tower.

R5 Rear Motherboard

Looking at the entire back side of the R5 chassis, instead of having a large area behind the motherboard to hide our PSU wires, Rosewill uses a channel to the bottom and front part of the motherboard tray, this is definitely different. Also Rosewill uses large openings into the motherboard tray to accommodate our PSU wires, and they utilize a rubber covering to enhance the look of the interior and to keep our PSU wires from getting chaffed/cut as we route them through these holes.

R5 Rear Motherboard Measurement 1

Looking at how much room we have directly behind the motherboard tray. There is only 5/16 of an inch directly behind the motherboard tray, which is not much room behind here at all.

R5 Rear Motherboard Measurement 1

But the channel that Rosewill uses on the R5 chassis has almost 7/8 of an inch of room; which is plenty large enough to handle our oversized PSU wires.

Just some quick thoughts about the R5 chassis in general, before I jump right into the installation of my computer hardware. The R5 chassis has a solid feel and look to it, also all of the edges of the R5 chassis were rounded off enough to keep me from shredding my hands, arms, and fingers as I was making my way around the internal portion of this chassis.

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