Rosewill Armor Mid Tower PC Case Review

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Rosewill Armor Conclusion


Rosewill Armor

The Rosewill Armor is a very nice case, in my opinion. I honestly thought a case that’s 80% mesh might be a tad flimsy, but that wasn’t the story here. It was pretty sturdy and the craftsmanship is top quality, too. While a case of this size may not house the biggest and baddest hardware, it can house a good amount of products out there. It’s got a great look with some great features that will put it up against the likes of the Cooler Master HAF 922 even. However, there is a quibble or two that I have with the Rosewill Armor. One is that the fan hub is in a somewhat inconvenient location. It is a little high to my liking, although the fans are pre-installed into it already. Connecting the side fan was a tad challenging with my big hands once all the hardware was installed. Depending on the location of the optical drive it may not be an issue for some. It is a bit weird how the motherboard couldn’t provide enough juice to the side fan for it to shine, though the hub provides the necessary power. Next is the amount of room behind the motherboard. There is room, but for some who aren’t savvy with cable routing or if you just have some beefy cables, attaching the side panel might need some extra muscle to accomplish. Again, that depends on the routing job of the user and possibly the thickness of the cables.

Last, and this really is a nitpick as there probably is an easier method than I applied, is the removal/reattachment of the front mesh panel. Once you unscrew the panel it kind of flays out a tad so you will need to screw in one side, then slightly push then hold the panel in place to put the rest of the screws in. Like I said, it was probably an unnecessary route that I took to attach the optical drive, but an area that should be known since it is required to replace the front intake fan.
All in all, the Rosewill Armor is an awesome case. The Red LED’s really put out a nice glow to compliment the black interior and exterior and the paint job is excellent. Combine those with generous airflow, the option to turn the LED’s on/off, and a one year warranty, the $99.99 price tag seems like a very nice incentive to consider this over the HAF 922 and other cases on the market.


Legit Reviews Editor's Choice Award

Legit Bottom Line: Rosewill did a fantastic job with the Armor. With a fair price point and the amount of features it offers, the Rosewill Armor should be considered on anyone’s list of upgrades.

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