Razer Naga 2012 MMO Gaming Mouse Review

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Unboxing the Naga 2012 Mouse

 Naga 2012 Mouse Box Front

On the front of the box that Razer uses to package up the Naga 2012 mouse. Razer gives us an image of the mouse with some general listing of features/specifications of the Naga 2012 mouse.

 Naga 2012 Mouse Box Left

Turning the box to the right 90° brings us to one of the end caps of the box. We get a quick message from the “Razer Guy”, and some more information about the key features/specifications of this mouse.

 Naga 2012 Mouse Box Right

Moving to the last side panel of the packaging we are giving some more information about key features/specifications of the Naga 2012 mouse.

A quick reminder I will be going more in depth about these “Key Features/Specifications” a bit later in the review.

 Naga 2012 Mouse Box Opened

Upon opening the box up, on the inside of the lid Razer goes into depth about the 12 numbered buttons that are located on the left hand side of the Naga 2012 mouse. And looking towards the box itself, we get a glimpse of the Naga 2012 mouse and how Razer packaged up this mouse.

Razer has been doing this type of packaging since I been using their mice for several years now, and they haven’t strayed much from this traditional style of packaging. Razer makes good and sure that your mouse is well protected from the rigors of packaging and shipping.

 Naga 2012 Mouse Accessories Box

Opening up the box top and removing all of the contents of the box reveals another smaller box that contains all of the included accessories.

 Naga 2012 Mouse Accessories Box Opened

And opening this box up we can see it contains two of the three inter-changeable sides encased in a foam rubber to help keep these sides protected, and all of the instruction/user manuals.

 Naga 2012 Mouse User Manuals

The user and instruction manuals laid out, the one thing that always impresses me about Razer products is that they will make sure you know how to use their products and in case of a problem you know who to contact. We also will get a couple of stickers included with the Naga 2012 mouse accessories as well.

 Naga 2012 Mouse Quick Training Guide

Now among all of the above manuals is a quick training aide that will help us better utilize the Naga 2012 mouse’s twelve numbered buttons that are located on the left hand side.

 Naga 2012 Mouse Quick Training Guide Up Close

Close up shot of this training aide, Razer includes two different types of these training aides, or small stickers that can be placed on top of the numbers. One of these training aide stickers is a round type of aide while the other aide is a rectangular shape.

 Naga 2012 Mouse 3/4 Front

What the Razer 2012 Naga mouse looks like once it has been removed from the confines of the box. As we can tell the Naga 2012 mouse’s main top buttons are placed in the same spot as previous mice, we have the left and right mouse buttons, with the mouse wheel/third mouse button situated directly in between the left and right buttons, and directly behind the mouse wheel are two more mice buttons that are typically used for DPI adjustment. The Naga 2012 mouse is for right hand users only, we can tell this by the shape of the mouse, and by the location of the extra 12 buttons located on the right hand side in the above image.

The USB cord on the Naga 2012 mouse utilizes a cloth like covering, and that this cord is also about six feet long. The USB cord does feel a bit stiff, which will make kinking this cord quite easy. I am not going to worry about this too much as most mice nowadays utilize this type of covering on the USB cord; but, I do feel that it does need to be mentioned.

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