Razer Destructor Pro Mouse Pad Review


The Mouse Pad

Razer Destructor Gaming Mouse Pad

The Destructor has a very simple and attractive appearance with the smooth curved sides and dark gray color with the very subtle, darker Razer logo and Destructor name tag that is not distracting in the slightest.

Razer Destructor Gaming Mouse Pad

Here you can see the surface, which is fractal textured for enhanced precision, a technology used only by Razer. Also note that the surface is almost the same thickness as the non-slip rubber base, totaling a thickness of 2.3 mm, just slightly thicker than other gaming pads, but most people will not be able to notice the difference of .3mm.

Razer Destructor Gaming Mouse Pad

Here you can see the non-slip rubber base for firm grip on smooth surfaces. Looks pretty standard, so we’ll move right along.

Razer Destructor Gaming Mouse Pad

Final Thoughts and Conclusions:

To get the feel for the Destructor, I have been playing the online class-based game, Team Fortress 2, with this pad sitting under the Razer Death Adder for several days, and have had several competitive matches and many hours of play. These are my findings after much use:

This pad does not move on its own no matter how many hours your wrist has been sitting on it and sliding around violently, thanks to the non-slip bottom surface.

The Destructor has plenty of room for your wrist to lie, right handed or left. This pad is very large in general; considered ultra-wide at 350mm wide and 280mm long, it is more than wide enough for the most vigorous actions without the mouse sliding off the edge like on many smaller pads.

The pad is rather comfortable compared to cloth even though the surface is hard, because it is so thin and smooth your wrist glides almost as easily as your mouse.

The surface certainly works better than cloth with laser/infrared/optical mice; the Razer Death Adder just glides along the surface like it were rubber on smoothened ice, I even had to adjust the mouse sensitivity down because the Teflon feet glide just so much easier than on the cloth pad I had been using.

The only place where the pad is lacking is that the bundle does not include mouse tape (a tape used to cover the feet of mice for better gliding) which only comes with some of the other high end mats. Although, if the feet matter that much to you, you would have gotten a mouse with feet that don’t wear out. Personally, I don’t expect many consumers will miss the tape.

Overall, Razer really has something in their Destructor gaming mat; it is stellar in every way possible, and well worth the $42 price tag if you want to get serious about gaming. This pad also greatly complements any mouse, from the cheapest old ball mouse to the high end laser and infrared mice. I don’t think another gaming mat will catch my attention like the Destructor.

Legit Bottom Line: Razer is known for high end gaming peripherals, and the Destructor gaming pad does not disappoint. This pad is large, smooth, has excellent tracking, and is very comfortable even after hours of use. The only factor that should stop any gamer from purchasing this is the $42 price tag, but even at that, it is a great buy.

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