PQI PC4000 Turbo Memory

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 PQI has been making a lot of headlines the past few months with their Turbo series memory. We were lucky enough to get a Dual Channel kit of their PC4000 TURBO memory to see just how well it would do for us.


 Before we get into the review, lets see what PQI has to say about their memory.


The PQI4000-1024DBL is a 512MB matched pair of PQI – TURBOmemory capable of achieving supreme 500MHz speed at relaxed latency 2.5-3-3-7. PQI utilizes advanced, cutting-edge technology in ICs sorting and selects the greatest quality ICs that can reach highest possible frequency. Efficient heat dissipation via elegant high quality Mirrored Black Copper heat spreader, the PQI – TURBOmemory DDR 500MHz PC-4000 is designed to perform superbly stable at extraordinary high clock speeds on motherboards using chipsets with dual channel memory. All PQI – TURBOmemory DDR modules have been rigorously tested to perform superbly at its rated speed and come with lifetime warranty.

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