Powerline Network Adapter Shootout

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Powerline Adapter Shootout – Test Setup

For our Powerline tests, we used an application from TotuSoft called LAN
Speed Test v2.0.8
. LAN Speed Test is designed from the ground up to be a
simple tool to accurately measure file transfer and network speeds over
your local network.

TotuSoft LAN Speed Test

The program simply builds a file in memory, then
transmits and receives the file while keeping track of the time.  The
program then calculates and outputs the results for the user.
TotuSoft LAN Speed Test

our test we used three different file size – 20MB, 1MB, and 100KB – to
transfer between three different rooms in my house. We took the average
speeds of 10 back-to-back file transfers to obtain our measurements.  We
conducted the tests twice for each of three rooms. For each Powerline
we also tested streaming 720p and 1080p video files.
TotuSoft LAN Speed Test

Of course,
if you are looking to purchase a Powerline for your home, your mileage
may vary when it comes to ultimate speeds, but we think using a variety
of file sizes in rooms at different distances is a very good way to
gauge relative performance between Powerline models.

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