Plantronics Features New RIG Evolution Gaming Headsets @ E3 2014


We have been Plantronics fans for a long time and this year at E3 they had a very nice booth set up showing off one of their most anticipated gaming headsets: The Plantronics RIG Evolution with 7.1 Surround Sound. This headset is obviously a member of Plantronics’ mobile-connected RIG family that has been showing up on places like TwitchTV during professional eSports competitions.  Speaking of Twitch, Plantronics was set up right next door and benefited from the traffic (and product placement!) that resulted from this placement.  Actually, Plantronics had a great setup that including all of their gaming headsets, from the RIG, to the GameCom series (788, and 388) for people to try. We had a great conversation with Matthew Villarreal, Plantronics’ Gaming Product Manager on the new items Plantronics was showing off and how a company like Plantronics benefits from being at the center of E3 2014:

You can read all about the original Plantronics RIG Gaming Headset here, where you will see how the original headset was designed to work with multiple gaming devices gaming devices (Xbox, PlayStation, PC, Mac, smartphones, and tablets), the next-generation RIG Evolution is strictly for the PC gamer cutting down costs to the consumer. The Plantronics RIG Evolution headsets with 7.1 Surround will be available in the Fall for $99.99.