Phanteks Enthoo Pro Full-Tower Case Review

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Phanteks Enthoo Pro Packaging


Pretty standard plain brown packaging for the Enthoo Pro, not many cases come in full color packaging any more; especially as most are ordered online versus purchased in a store.  The box is pretty good size measuring 25×23.75×12.5 (HxLxW) and weighs in at close to 30.5lbs, which makes sense as this is a full tower case.


The back of the box provides lots of pictures to give an idea what the case has to offer, specific features are called out such as the power supply cover, PWM hub, dust filters, fan compatibility and others.


The two sides go for all text with one side spelling out the features while the other side has details on the specifications.


Opening the top of the box, we can start to get to the case which has been packaged in a clear plastic bag and nestled between two large hard Styrofoam blocks.  Nothing unusual about the internal packaging method.


Phanteks does a great job with the accessory pack, a very nice multi-language user manual that goes over every aspect of the case, with two additional velcro ties, eleven cable ties and a resevoir plate (for DIY water cooling solutions).  For the screws, rather than place them in tiny ziploc bags, Phanteks separates them in a very nice reusable plastic container, this is the nicest way to package the screws I have seen and is a great way to keep them organized.  Little things like this is what makes companies stand out in a crowded market.

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