PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750W Quad Crossfire Edition PSU


Moving Inside

Inside the Silencer 750 Quad

With the top off we can see the inside of the Silencer 750 Quad. We can see the large heat sinks coupled with a clean layout for nice airflow.

Primary side Silencer 750 Quad

Looking from the primary side we can see the heat sinks arrangement allows for air to reach all components. Notice the large gap between the fan and the heat sinks. This is what PC Power and Cooling gives the Silencer its quiet nature compared to other PSU units of the same rating. The gap allows air to move with out creating turbulence, this turbulence is what causes most of the noise.

The 80mm fan for the Silencer 750 Quad

Looking a little closer at the fan we can see that the fan is made by ADDA. The fan is designed to run at 3900 RPM, 41 dBA, and push 50 CFM. So to get this fan to near silent levels Im assuming there is a nice fan controller in the mix as well.

Secondary Side of the Silencer 750 Quad

On the secondary side we can see the wires soldered to the PCB. Overall the inside of the Silencer 750 Quad has a nice layout that uses quality parts, lets move on to the testing.

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