Overclocking the Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 Processor

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Overclocking The E6300

After the ‘debug mod’ on the previous page has been completed you should be able ot go into the BIOS and adjust the CPU Voltage by disabling the “Default CPU VID” and manually changing the voltage in the line below called “CPU VID”.  At the default voltage of 1.325 we were able to go up to 40% overclocking on default volts. To reach the highest stable overclock we have to increase the CPU VID to 1.400V from 1.325V to become stable.  Note that if Widows starts to crash on the desktop giving you BSOD’s with memory dumps you need to increase the “MCH Voltage Override” to 1.650V as we have had to do that on a few picky boards.

Screenshot of the BIOS settings

We left the memory dividers at 667MHz and bumped up the voltage to 2.2V on our Corsair PC2-6400C4 memory running 4-4-4-12 timings during the whole overclocking adventure, so we were never memory bound during any of our testing.

CPU-Z Image of the Overclocked Intel E6300 Processor

While the system would benchmark at 45% and 46% overclocks it wasn’t Prime 95 or double 32M Super Pi stable, so the highest stable overclock was 44%.  Our processor that started out life as a 1.86GHz bottom end Conroe is now a 2.69GHz monster thanks to a huge overclock! This overclock is an 822MHz increase on the overall frequency and overclocks close to 1GHz don’t happen this easy too often! Let’s take a look at what this means for system performance.

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