NZXT Switch 810 White Case Review

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Final Thoughts on the NZXT Switch 810

NZXT turned out another nice full tower case with their trade mark angled theme but forgoes the storm trooper bulges.

NZXT Switch 810 angle
We were very impressed with several of the innovative features that NZXT put on the Switch 810, especially the consideration for pretty extreme water cooling setup with that 85mm of top clearance.  The ability to drop a 420mm rad in the top and another 280mm rad in the bottom should be enough cooling for even a quad GPU setup.  Placing easy to access filters on the intake fans is a real plus and should keep the dust bunnies to a minimum.  The cable routing options are fantastic making it easy for anyone to have a clean build.  An included card reader is great if you take a lot of photos.  Finally, the addition of switchable LED lights over the rear ports is just ingenious and something that should be mandatory in all cases targeting gamers.
While the top is novel, it is all plastic including the pins that slide and seems a bit flimsy for something that you would open and close frequently.  When we powered it on there was not really that big of a difference in sound either since the rest of the case is thin steel with no sound deadening.  Angled fans and sliding rear fan are also novel additions but given how small a case is, even a full tower, we don’t think these will make any significant temperature difference in the case as much as more fans moving air in and out of the case.  We also did not see a ton of benefit in the hidden front mounted hard drive tray since it is screwed in place and you have to pull off a bay cover to access it.
The biggest area for improvement is the SSD options in the trays.  The fact that the tray bar interferes with the ports of the SSD drive and blocks the use of 90 degree plugs is an issue.  For a case that NZXT put so much thought into it is surprising that with the popularity of SSD drives they would overlook this. It’s a design flaw that we feel is a large enough to keep this case from getting any awards.
The NZXT Switch 810 in white is available from Newegg for $169.99 plus $14.99 shipping and is backed by a two year warranty.  For $184.98 delivered, we feel this case is a bit pricey against its competition and you might want to wait until the price comes down just a bit before you grab one.
Legit Bottom Line: Water coolers will be very happy with the NZXT Switch 810.  While it has a lot of great features, it also has a lot of novelty ones making the price a bit hard to swallow.
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