NVIDIA Optimus Aims To Improve Battery Life on Notebooks

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Notebooks with NVIDIA OPTIMUS technology will be available shortly, starting with the Asus UL50Vf notebook, and followed by several ASUS Arrandale notebooks (N61Jv, N71Jv, N82Jv, U30Jc). More OEM announcements will follow. As you can see in the slide below all of the latest processors from Intel and the latest gpu’s from NVIDIA will be supported by OPTIMUS.

Optimus Supported Platforms
NVIDIA has graciously provided us with some results from their testing of OPTIMUS. All the testing was done by NVIDIA on a Intel Core 2 Duo with an Intel GM45 chipset and a GeForce G210M with OPTIMUS.

Optimus Performance Benchmarks
The results above show up to an 800% performance increase over integrated graphics. It also claims to have the same performance as using exclusively a standard discrete gpu.

Optimus battery Performance
MobileMark 2007 is latest version of the premier performance qualified battery life metric based on real world applications. MobileMark 2007 shows us that we get the same great performance of a discrete gpu while maintaining the battery life of using the integrated graphics.

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