NVIDIA Optimus Aims To Improve Battery Life on Notebooks


A Closer Look

Unlike the previous methods of switching between integrated graphics and discrete graphics which was completely manual, NVIDIA OPTIMUS is totally automated. Although OPTIMUS is designed to be invisible to the end user you can manually override and set which graphics adapter you want to use.

NVIDIA Control Panel
Should you encounter an application which does not already have an OPTIMUS Application Profile, you can quickly and easily create one directly from the NVIDIA Control Panel.

Switchable Graphics Topology
Above shows how the earlier switchable graphics system worked. Everything ran into the software switch that you manually had to throw to get the desired effect, graphics performance or battery life.

Optimus Graphics Topology
Here you can see the discrete gpu is disabled for basic applications such as basic web browsing and office tasks.

Optimus Graphics Topology
Once an application is opened up that can benefit from the discrete gpu, OPTIMUS automatically switches to the discrete gpu to maximize performance.

Optimus vs. Switchable graphics Benefits
As you can see NVIDIA OPTIMUS has some major improvement over the previous switchable options.

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