NVIDIA GeForce Experience 3.0 Overview – How To Optimize, Record and Stream Your Games


Game Optimization and Game Ready Drivers

There are times wherein a lot of us (including myself) want to push our computers to deliver the best experience possible but are limited by our hardware. We can easily change our settings in Overwatch to Ultra but can be faced with lag, overheating, and significant drops in frame rate. With the GeForce Experience our computers graphics card, CPU, and monitor will be picked up by the program and the game optimization will be utilized. Therefore, our settings on select games will be determined by our rig and we no longer have to worry about having our settings too high at the cost of performance.

GeForce Experience Game Optimization

In addition to game optimization the GeForce Experience also provides users with Game Ready Drivers. Along with newly released titles Game Ready Drivers will be available. These are developed when NVIDIA discovers solutions for an issue that can be solved by the driver. Players are notified when a new Game Ready Driver is ready for a download that can be executed by a single click.

GeForce Experience Game Ready Drivers

It’s a nice addition to be able to optimize performance with the click of a button as well as having access to game ready drivers. On the following pages we will walk you through basic use of the GeForce Experience including the Instant Replay, Record, and Broadcast features which greatly highlight what the app delivers.

Let’s take a look at how to share your gameplay with GeForce Experience 3.0.