Nintendo Memory Supplier Macronix Adds Fuel to Switch Mini Rumors

A memory chip supplier from Taiwan called Macronix has announced that its earnings have been much stronger than expected thanks to demand from Nintendo. The company says that the demand from Nintendo has been so strong that it will fuel its growth through the second half of 2019.

The strong demand for memory chips from Nintendo adds fuel to the fire that the company is working on smaller versions of the Nintendo Switch. The console has been rumored for a while, and some alleged accessories for the Switch Mini turned up last week.

Macronix chairman Miin Wu has stated that Nintendo demand has “exceeded our expectations in the past two months.” The demand has pushed revenue up at Macronix to 30% higher than it was in April, which Wu called “very unusual.”

The leaked Switch Mini accessories have fueled strong rumors that the console is ready to launch. This new report adds more fuel to the fire. Odds are if Nintendo is cooking up a new Switch Mini it won’t get official until close to the holiday shopping season.