New Nintendo Switch Mini Leak Hints at Mobile Console

The Nintendo Switch was made from the get go to be a portable console, but the reality is that it’s a bit big for most people to use on the go. Rumors continue to suggest that Nintendo is working on a new smaller and more portable console.

The console is rumored to be called the Mini Switch 2, which is likely a placeholder name. What is interesting is the drawing of the new smaller console that has surfaced.

This art came from Roland Quandt of Winfuture reports BGR. Quandt is a well-known leaker that has a good track record for accuracy. The image he leaked looks a lot like the image that surfaced last month.

The console is smaller than the normal Switch and has controllers on each side that aren’t removable like those of the normal Switch. Rumors suggest that this Christmas season the mini Switch will launch along with a revamped version of the full-size Switch.