Lian Li PC-V359 Micro-ATX Modular PC Case Review

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PC-V359 Internal Impressions


With the front and side panels removed we can see the interior of the case and the beginning of the compartmentalized design of the cube case.  The top layer supports the motherboard components and exhaust fan, while the bottom includes the power supply, hard drives, slim-line optical drive and front intake fan.  The motherboard tray has the standoffs pre-installed for us, to make installation easy.  There are two holes in the tray, one provides access to the back of the CPU for installing coolers, and the other is for the auxiliary power cable.  The motherboard tray can be removed by five little screws, three on the back panel, and two on the front corners.


The top panel is held in place with large thumbscrews that screw into each of the four corner posts.  Each of the posts also includes grooves for the side panels to slide into.


Nothing really surprising on the back panel, it is exactly what we expected to find after looking at the back panel from the outside.  With that being said, the one surprise is that Lian Li took the extra time to install a fan blade guard on the exhaust fan.  This used to be fairly standard practice, however most manufacturers don’t do it anymore.  The exhaust fan is a Jamicon KF1225S1LSBR and has a noise level of 27.4dBA, with an air flow of 54.05CFM at 1500RPM.


Those large side vents we saw from the outside has two filters installed.  They are installed with push-pin type clips, that will need to removed should you decide to install fans or a liquid cooling radiator on the side panels.


On the right side of the bottom layer is a front intake fan, that pulls air from the side panel and blows it towards the back of the case towards the hard drive cage.  At the back of the bottom layer is the hard drive cage that can be removed to install your hard drives.  This cage will support three 3.5″ drives and one 2.5″ drive.  The 3.5″ drives are protected with anti-vibration washers, and the 2.5″ drive will be installed with similar rubber washers.  The front intake fan is the same as the rear exhaust, a Jamicon KF1225S1LSBR.  Lian Li has also included an intake filter on the fan, however in order to clean it, you will need to remove the entire fan cover by four tiny screws (two on each side), this is easiest with the fan assembly removed by the two thumbscrews.


Taking a look at the right side of the chassis, we see the slim optical device bay at the front of the chassis, and the power supply location at the back of the chassis.  As we saw from the external view, there is an air intake for the power supply in the bottom of the chassis.  Lian Li has also installed two stands for the power supply, which includes anti-vibration strips to reduce any noise caused by the power supply fan.


The hard drive cage is held in place with two thumbscrews, and then it slides out of the chassis. The cage will  hold three 3.5″ drives and one 2.5″ drive on the top.

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