Lian Li PC-V359 Micro-ATX Modular PC Case Review

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PC-V359 External Impressions


With the protective materials removed we can take a good look at what makes the PC-V359 special.   The entire top panel is lightly tinted and is held in place with four large thumbscrews.  The corners stand out from the case, these provide support for the panels and the top.  Overall, there isn’t anything flashy on the PC-V359, anything flashy will come from the components you decide to install inside the case.  Being a cube case that is designed to support Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX boards it’s not very large, most of the size comes from the stacked compartmentalized layout; it measures 13.4in x 12.6in x 13.4in (WxHxD).


Taking a quick look at the front panel we find that the majority of it is plain, with a high quality brushed aluminum finish.  At the top is a large window, that measures 9in x 3.25in (LxH), this should provide a nice view of the CPU cooler and video card.  Along the right edge of the front panel is the standard power button and front I/O cluster.  The front I/O cluster includes microphone, headphone, and two SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ports.  At the bottom right corner is an area for a slim-line optical drive.


The two sides of the case are identical, at the top are several vents that can be used for additional cooling.  In the lower right corner is another vent that is used to provide airflow to an internal intake fan to cool the hard drives.


Turning our attention to the back of the case we can begin to see the split level design of the PC-V359.  On the top level, we have two water cooling holes that are protected with rubber grommets, and a 120mm exhaust fan.  A sliding bracket keeps the expansion slot covers in place, and a standard motherboard I/O port is below the exhaust fan.  On the bottom level we find the power supply and a large vented area.


On the bottom of the case there are four feet to raise the case off the surface.  There is also a small removable filter for the power supply, this filter measures 5.5in x 5.5in.


The filter is removable, however there is no way to slide it out without lifting the case to get access to the filter.


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