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LR: Many people are confused, as they believe memory maker’s do just that “make” the IC’s they put into their product. Where does Kingston stand in this respect? Do you outsource, and if so to whom?

HS: Kingston is not a DRAM Fab?that?s simply not plausible or within our business model?so we don?t make the IC?s and PCB?s that we use but we design everything that we manufacture. We work with a variety of suppliers too large to mention.

LR: Does Kingston have any plans to actually build their own Fab’, to “own” the process from wafer to heatspreader? It’s been rumored Kingston has opened, or is opening a new production facility in Asia, what exactly will occur at this location, and how will it effect production?

HS: Good question. Having said that Kingston is not a Fab, we do offer wafer packaging and testing within our core capabilities. We just don?t produce the raw wafer, but from that point, we do pretty much everything else. We have great plans for our new manufacturing plant in China but I cannot tell you of the exact breakdown just yet?stay tuned on this one.

LR: Let?s get into design particulars. When it comes to specific CPU makers such as Intel and AMD, does Kingston design its memory specifically with those technologies in mind?

HS: Kingston works closely with both companies in establishing future memory technologies. When new processors and chipsets are preparing for release, we are ready to support them. We enjoy excellent relationships with both Intel and AMD.

LR: For incentives in 2005, will you continue to offer rebates, and giveaways such as the bundle rebate with MSI?

HS: Yes, Kingston will continue to offer rebates and develop new bundling opportunities with our motherboard partners.

LR: Can you tell us about Kingston’s participation in LAN, particularly TEAM-NoA and other Gaming venues for 2005?

HS: From time to time, Kingston sponsors various teams for LAN events. We see it as a fun part of the ?warrior spirit? within the gaming community. This helps build goodwill within the global gaming culture and lets them know as a brand, we support them. Our support of Team-NoA is a fun example of this.

LR: For the upcoming year are there any products in particular Kingston plans to release?

HS: As much as I might like to share this, given the competitive nature of the memory industry, I?ll ask you to stay tuned on this one. .

LR: What does the future hold for Kingston, where does the company see itself in the near future?

HS: Hmm, we?ve been around since 1987 and the memory industry has behaved like an exhilarating rollercoaster ride: explosive growth interjected with sharp downturns. I have a lot of great expectation for what Kingston can do as a company and hope my next 13 years here will prove to be an even more successful adventure!

Thank you. Keith Suppe (Legit Reviews)

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