Jabra SP700 Bluetooth Speaker Phone Car Stereo Kit


Jabra SP700 Bluetooth Speaker Phone

Today we are looking at the Jabra SP700 Bluetooth speakerphone for car travel. We have seen speakerphones for cars before but what we like about this one is its multi-function ability to work through our cars’ speakers or the device itself for a true hands free experience. This factor is even more important with the ever increasing legislation about driving while talking on your cell phone.

Jabra SP700 Bluetooth Speaker Phone Car Kit

Some of the key features to the Jabra SP700 are:

  • The ability to talk on the phone through your car stereo or the Jabra SP700 speaker.
  • Transmit music to your car stereo or Jabra SP700 speaker through your Blue tooth devices.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • No installation necessary.
  • Noise and Echo reduction.
  • Handy USB 2 cable and car charger adapter for easy charging options.
  • Up to 14 hours of talk time.
  • Up to 225 hours standby time.
  • Speaks to you in English.
  • 127mm x 62mm x 17mm (LxWxD)

What stands out about the Jabra SP700 is the small sleek design and dark color scheme. This little speaker packs a big punch with its DSP noise reduction and echo cancellation, easy interface and low price for $39.99 plus shipping.

Jabra SP700 Bluetooth Speaker Phone Car Kit

The Jabra SP700 comes in a stylish black and yellow box with a large viewing window. Everything comes nice and organized; they were able to fit a lot of hardware in a small package. On the back of the box they have a nice easy to follow picture for optimal unit placement.

Jabra SP700 Bluetooth Speaker Phone Car Kit

The Jabra SP700 comes with a nice little bundle that includes a USB charger cable, car charger attachment, visor clip, easy quick start manual in 4 different languages and of course the Jabra SP700 unit itself. The bundle is everything needed without a lot of extra fluff.

Jabra SP700 Bluetooth Speaker Phone Car Kit

When taking a closer look at the Jabra SP700 you will see on the front of the unit 4 conveniently located status icons. The icons alert you about battery status, call status, Bluetooth status, and FM transmitter. The icons will light up when the Jabra SP700 is in use. Located on the left side of the unit is the FM transmitter button.

Jabra SP700 USB Charger

On the right side of the unit you find the volume adjust button if using the speaker on the Jabra unit. Also located on the lower right hand side you will find the charging port. This might look like a standard mini-USB in the picture above, but it’s actually smaller and incompatible as this is a micro-USB connector. RIM, Apple, Nokia, and others have reached an agreement that micro-USB will become an industry standard because its smaller than mini-USB and they can make thinner devices with it. That is good news for down the road, but for now we wish Jabra would’ve used a standard mini-usb connector for charging. Those of us that have devices like the Blackberry Bold need to carry two cables when going on road trips to charge both devices.

Jabra SP700 Visor Clip

The clip is located on the back of the device. From first glance it might not look that strong as it is long and thin, however appearances can be deceiving. The clip gets the job done on pavement and rock roads and maintains its position on the visor just like the solid plastic clips found on other brands.

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