iSkin Revo & Revo Clip for Apple iPhone


Introducing iSkin Revo

iSkin Revo for Apple iPhone

When we covered this years Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this year, we were on the go 24/7 barely taking time out to eat and sleep. One of the companies that featured products for us on-the-go types was iSkin. iSkin has been protecting iPods and other electronic devices since 2002 and with the huge number of iPods and now, iPhones, the company is producing some really versatile products.

Today we look at one of iSkins most popular products, the iSkin Revo and Revo Clip which is specifically designed to protect your Apple iPhone. Of course there are a bunch of ways you can protect your favorite mobile device: The normal soft cases like the one that comes out of the box with your phone; a hard, clam-shell-type cover like the OtterBox, or even something more custom.

iSkin Revo for Apple iPhone Box

Like the name implies, iSkin is made up of silicone material that is very comfortable to touch and grippy to hold. It is designed to protect all vulnerable surfaces, prots, and controls on the iPhone without compromising the functionality of the device. Since the silicone material is very thin, the iSkin doesnt really add that much more weight overall to the phone.

iSkin Revo for Apple iPhone Box Contents

The iSkin Revo is available in 6 different colors to match your mood and your outfit. iSkin gives the colors some very hip names like: Rah, Zahra, Nighthawk, Mojave, and Diablo. The Bluish colored Revo that we field tested was called Blade. BladeNice!

Priced at $40, iSkin includes the silicon protector, a privacy film that is compatible with either the iPhone or iPod Touch, and a ViSOR an ultra-clear polycarbonate scratch resistant screen guard. The Revos silicon protector even has an anti-microbial agent (Microban) that protects the iPhone and its user from bacteria that can congregate. I can certainly appreciate this as it is really disgusting to use a phone after someone has been sweating and breathing heavy on your device. Yuck.

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