Introducing The Plantronics Voyager 520 Bluetooth Headset

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In The Box & On The Ear

Plantronics gives us everything we need to get up and going quickly with no fuss.  There is a AC charger, charging station, and User guide.  Nothing fancy, nothing extra, only the essentials.  Only slightly disappointing, there was no USB-charger to charge up the 520 on the go with a laptop or desktop PC.  The earpiece on the Voyager 520 is not adjustable so there is no need to provide various-sized ear-buds.  The AC power cord is quite long and will fit on most office desk with out a problem of having to search for an extension cord. Also, the power “brick” that comes with the 520 is a semi-slim design so that it can easily fit in to a normal power strip – no need to re-arrange everything for that one new piece of equipment.

Voyager 520 Box Contents

We charged our headset even though the Voyager was ready to go out of the box!  We experienced a typical charge time of around 2 hours after a full day’s use of the headset.

Plantronics even improved the simplicity of their headset by taking away buttons on the body of the Voyager 520.  Now, instead of the standard 3 buttons found on most all Bluetooth headsets, the Voyager has only one button on the side.  This button, however, actuates in 3 directions – up, down, and in.  This is truly a multifunction button as all headset controls (call answer, call disconnect, volume up/down, call transfer, call waiting, redial, voice dial) are located on one button.  This one button design certainly makes for a more streamlined look and combined with the “carbon-fiber” look on the body makes it one of the nicer looking headsets on the market.  For those interested in styling and design, this headset is hard to beat.

Plantronics Voyager 520

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