Interview with ATI’s Terry Makedon


CATALYST/Gaming Questions :

LR: You are the MAN when it comes to software so what can we expect to see in the near future. Can you drop us any hints as to what is in store in the near Future.


Something big is coming for CATALYST in the next 2-3 months. It will take graphic drivers to a brand new level, and of course will be another ATI first. It will be interesting to see how long before other companies will copy the concept after we launch it.

LR: Many readers have asked us when they can expect equal-quality driver support for GNU/LINUX systems as they get with Windows systems. What is ATI’s plan for driver support for LINUX-based operating systems?


Well, if you look at installed base of PC users I think Windows accounts for roughly 95 per cent of the users out there. We have to balance our resources in a similar manner. Having said that, Linux is very important for us and we are committed to supporting it.. Recently we brought Linux support under the CATALYST marketing umbrella, and with this increased visibility you can expect higher quality Linux drivers from ATI in the next 6-12 months.

LR: With GDC recently finished, we have a LAN party question. Why doesn’t ATI have a large LAN party that it sponsors? Any future plans or is their an upcoming LAN party that ATI will be the official video card sponsor?

Terry: Well we did sponser CyberXGames in Las Vegas a few months back. We thought it would be the biggest LAN party ever (and it was in terms of prize money), but it didn’t have the greatest attendence. ATI is really starting to focus on the gaming scene (and I personally like to go to LAN partys) more and more. In fact we will be doing some big sponsorships this year, I just don’t have details currently.

For example we are doing one in June in Denver with the Everlan guys that should be pretty big. I plan on going to that one myself.

LR: What was the last game you played in your little free time?


Oddly enough I don’t always play the latest games. Since I get many games showing up at my desk it is basically impossible to keep up and play all of them. The most recent game I have been playing is Black Hawk Down. The reason for that is I ran into a guy that works at Ideazon (the company that makes the Z Board) recently, and he gave me a specialized keyboard for Black Hawk Down. Since I had the keyboard I had to play the game. Those keyboards are awesome!

LR: Which one are you personally waiting for in 2004: HL2, Doom3 or another title?


The new Leisure Suit Larry game and The Movies are two that should be lots of fun. Between the FPS game I would have to say HL2 (since I have seen more of it, and know it looks pretty impressive).

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